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We Are a Trusted & Reliable Accounting & Consulting Firm Dedicated to Providing Exceptional Accounting & Financial Solutions Tailored to Meet Your Specific Needs.

What We DO!

AccounTax-US is a premier accounting outsourcing service provider based in the United States, specializes in providing Accounting, Bookkeeping , Taxes , Payroll, and Consulting / Advisory services across the United States. serving a wide array of clients. Our offerings range from complete outsourcing solutions Tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With extensive 15 plus years of experience in the industry, Our team of trained Accountants and chartered accountants specializes in enhancing your Business Efficiency, Reducing Costs . we guide our clients in selecting the most effective service model to optimize their financial operations.


Track income & expenses. Organize finances with ease. Bookkeeping – clarity for your business.

Numbers tell a story. Unlock yours. Bookkeeping – insightful reports, informed decisions.

Ditch the spreadsheets. Embrace peace of mind. Bookkeeping – simplify your finances, focus on growth.

Debits & Credits, no worries. Bookkeeping – accurate records, tax-ready financials.


Accounting: Beyond the numbers. Analysis that drives informed decisions.

Understand your financial health. Accounting: Uncover insights, fuel your business growth.

The language of business. Accounting: Communicate your financial story with clarity.


Taxation: Navigate the system. We handle tax calculations and filing, ensuring compliance.

Maximize profits, minimize taxes. Expert tax planning and preparation from our trusted team.

Don’t get taxed! We simplify complex regulations, ensuring you pay the right amount.

Sales Tax / Payroll

Sales Tax Made Simple: We handle collection, reporting & filing. Stay compliant, avoid penalties.

Streamline Your Sales: Integrate seamlessly with your point-of-sale. Accurate sales tax calculations, every time.

Payroll Simplified: Manage salaries, taxes & deductions. Pay employees on time, every time.

Focus on Your Team: We handle the complexities of payroll. Stay compliant, boost employee satisfaction.

CFO Services

Get Expert Guidance: Your virtual CFO. Strategic planning, analysis, growth solutions. Affordable access to financial leadership.

Level Up Your Finances: CFO services for your business. Budgeting, forecasting, cash flow, investor relations. All-in-one financial expertise.

Management Consulting

Stuck? Grow your business with expert guidance. Management consulting unlocks efficiency, tackles challenges, and drives results.

Why choose us?

We are Bookkeepers, Chartered Accountants, Certified Chartered Accountants focusing in providing Remote solutions for various Small and Medium Business & CPAs across USA, Based in USA.

  • Affordable / Cost Effective Services.
  • Expertise and Experience.
  • Personalized Approach.
  • Timely, Accuracy and Proper Compliance.
  • Trusted Accounting Partner.
  • Technology Driven Solution/Maximize Automation.
  • Data Confidentiality.
  • Client Satisfaction Guaranteed.


  • GET Client Data Access & Compliance
  • Data Review and Project Execution
  • Draft for Review and Feedback
  • Implimentationof Changes and Finalization
  • Final Report and Financial Package
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At Accountaxus, we empower your business with seamless bookkeeping, insightful accounting, and strategic tax & consultancy services.

Hitesh Soni

MD AccounTaxUS

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